Monday, 18 March 2013

My Baby wearing Journey so far....

Hello everyone Brooke here *waves* this is my first ever venture into the world of blogging and I thought what better way to introduce myself than to tell everyone how I came to use one of my most important parenting tools, Baby wearing a lifesaver for me and many other parents out there.

My first introduction to baby wearing came in 2009 when my eldest daughter Ruby was about 5 months old, we were about to go on our first holiday and didn't want to take a pram on the plane for obvious reasons. I was researching different baby carriers on the internet and came across 'pocket slings' they were exactly what I was looking for completely different to the unflattering uncomfortable front packs I had seen in baby stores. I found this carrier great until all of a sudden I lost all of my pregnancy weight and it no longer fit me, which is the one problem with a pocket sling while it is incredibly easy to use it is not adjustable.
 Me with my daughter Ruby in the 'pocket sling' on our holiday in Dunedin

And so my baby wearing journey came to a bit of a stand still, until 2010 when my second daughter Indigo was born.
My awesome sister in-law kelly bought us a lovely 'stretchy wrap' as a baby present just before she was born and I loved it while she was newborn it was easy to use and super comfortable, unfortunately though it did not last long as Indigo was a rather big baby and the wrap was not supportive enough once she was about 6 months old.

         The girls and I off for a walk with Indigo fast asleep in the 'stretchy wrap'

Luckily Kelly helped me out again by introducing me to 'ring slings' which is what she was using with her daughter at the time. I liked the design a lot but couldn't find one I liked online in NZ so my mother in-law an experienced sewer kindly helped me make one, and this is how Indigo Babywear was started. The ring sling soon became my favourite carrier and has stayed that way ever since, they are super easy to use, comfortable and pretty which is always a bonus. In 2011 I also organised my first baby wearing celebration in my local area for NZ and International baby wearing week.

      Little Indigo fast asleep in my first ever 'ring sling' and favourite carrier

My amazing husband and I on the 2011 Baby wearing Celebration walk

However once I became pregnant with number three I could no longer use the ring sling and needed something that I could back carry in which is when I decided to try a homemade 'mei tai' it was easy to use and reasonably comfortable but not perfect, I would really like to explore different versions of this carrier at some point in the future. In 2012 I again organised the baby wearing celebration for my local area where I carried Indigo in the 'mei tai'

Indigo snuggled on my back in the 'mei tai'

A couple of months before baby number three my little boy Rowan was born I became interested in woven wraps, I purchased one online anticipating yet another new baby wearing adventure with my newbie and so far I haven't been disappointed. If it wasn't for the fact they take a while to get on and off 'woven wraps' would have surpassed 'ring slings' as my favourite baby carrier. They are the most comfortable carrier I have used and last basically forever, I can carry my 2.5 year old toddler just as easily as my 10 week old baby and I'm sure even my 4 year old if she wanted to be carried. I can't wait to explore their potential even further and learn many many different carries.

      Baby Rowan cosy in the 'Woven wrap'

And yes every carrier I have used seems to contain copious amounts of sleepy dust which is always handy :)

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